Retevis or Tytera radio a simply SCAN mode

hi, some article about DMR in my web site .... sotty in italian language (use google

translate) and i have create a simply mode to create in Retevis or Tytera radio a simply SCAN mode both dmr digital and analog frequeny and repeatrs (in engligh language).

and the GUIDE for the NEW sistem to have all the WW database for alls ham-radio operators in the display of your radio (Retevis or TYT) with the new system in WINDOWS (not linux or vistual machine ) ...thats its GREAT !

DMR CPS Programmer by DL5MCC

DMR CPS Programmer by DL5MCC

What is CPSProgrammer?
DMR (Digital Mobile Radio) is a digital voice (DV) modulation scheme, which becomes more and more popular in amateur radio (ham radio). To be able to use the radio transceivers, all frequencies (channels) used must be entered as a „memory channel“ into the so called codeplug (CP). There is a huge number of local radio repeaters, as well as analogue FM repeaters and simplex frequencies, which all have to be entered into the CP by typing it manually into a programming software (CPS). Only in Germany we currently have about 270 DMR repeater, which expand to about 600 channels (2 timeslots + many mixed mode FM) only for DMR.

Features and Limitations

CPSProgrammer is an automatic programming (programming robot) of the channel information of a CPS. CPSProgrammer reads all input-information from a CSV file.

CPSProgrammer is designed to interact with the existing vendor-provided CPS software. CPSProgrammer does not read or write codeplug-files (.rdt, .rcd, .rcdx).  The vendor's CPS software must be running for CPSProgrammer to update the codeplug that is open in vendor's CPS software (see picture above:  "Principle of the CPSProgrammer").

Currently supported CPS software.
  • CSI CS700 Radio Programming Software V1.25 (2015-06-04): CS700, CS701, Kirisun DR7100
  • CSI CS750 CPS HAM2000 R4.00.27: CS750, CS751, CS800, CS801
  • Tytera MD380 Radio Programming Software V1.29.0, V1.30.0: MD380, MD390
  • Typtera MD390 → edit [MD380] section in .ini file: WindowTitle=CPS MD-390. Then select MD380 as CPS
  • Retevis RT3 Radio Programming SW, V1.30.0
  • Hytera PD365 Hytera Customer Programming Software, V1.04.03.003.EM5: PD365, PD375

Retevis RT3 CPS setting - Admit-Criteria

Retevis RT3 CPS setting - Admit-Criteria

Tytera/Retevis type HTs had a courtesy On/Off feature that could only be reached through the customer programming software (CPS). Do you remember the name of this term?

What is the Admit-Criteria ?
....  see below

How does the Admit-Criteria used in relation to the global DMR users ;
....  see below

TYT-TYTERA Channel scan speed of the MD380

Does anyone know the scan speed, for example, the number of channels, either digital or analog, the MD380 can scan per second.  I'm not able to find this information anywhere.

The analog scantime per channel is given by the signalling hold time in the scanlist.
If you set it to the lowest setting of 50mS it scans my 20 channels in one second.

A scanlist of 30 DMR channels are scanned in less than 3 seconds. I guess
that if it detects a datasignal it must wait to decode it to be able to determine
if it is an idle signal or an active conversation and that will add to the scantime.

The detection of an active datasignal doesn't always work. If I have a second DMR
radio, connected to the same antenna cable, tuned to a very strong signal, I notice
that a conversation could start and be going on for 10 seconds until the scanning
MD380 seems to react to it.

Retevis RT3 factory defaults Reset

Simple question I wonder if there is any way to reset the retevis rt3 back to factory defaults 

Tytera MD380 vs. Retevis RT3

Is the hardware of the Tytera MD380 absolutely the same like the Retevis RT3 and so can I use the same firmware files for the RT3 ?

hi all does anybody know if a retevis rt3 is the same as a tyt md380,,it looks the same ,but that may be all it has im common with the md380

they are 1:1 the same... my personal experiences are confirming this.

Yes it's the same radio.
I use the same code plugs and firmware, including the recently modded

[TYT-TYTERA] Re: MD-390 manual

[TYT-TYTERA] Retevis RT8 (TYT MD390) manual

[TYT-TYTERA] Retevis RT8 (TYT MD390) odd rx behavior

A friend of mine,

Just got a brand new Retevis RT8 (same as MD 390) and noticed that on RX, the radio seems deaf as a doorknob, even though the gree RX light comes on. TX does not seem to be affected.

Here´s a video that demonstrates de problem: